Dmitry Sapelnik - Music Composer

Dmitry Sapelnik
Music for Film, TV, Advertising & Media
Cinematic Music Composer
Dmitry Sapelnik - Music Composer
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I am a Berlin based music composer with a long experience in professional music productions, a wide range of music styles and a great network of musician.
I work with passion in order to always achieve a high artistic standard and support you in every phase of your project to devolope a unique musical concept.


  • Film music
  • Advertising music
  • Production Music
  • Audio branding
  • Arrangement, Mix, Remix, Mastering
  • Music based sound design


  • "Super Gau Tschernobyl" - Documentary ZDF Germany
  • "Poor Girl" - TV Miniseries Russia
  • "New Cold War?" - Documentary ZDF Germany
  • "Just A Dance" - Feature Film Germany
  • "French Culinary" - TV Miniseries Russia 1
  • "Mar" - Feature Film Germany
  • "Stockholme" - Short Film Germany
  • "Almost Negative" - Feature Film Germany
  • "King Ludwig" - Short Film Germany
  • "The Watchmaker" - 3D Short Film Germany
  • "Lost in Traffic" - Documentary Pro7 Germany
  • "Reouverture" - Short Film Germany
  • "First And Last Minutes" - Short Film Germany
  • Running: Music for various TV-Shows, Reports, Commercials...

D. Sapelnik
+49 176 700 222 42
Music composing
for international TV, film
and advertising productions
© D. Sapelnik 2020
Photos by Sulamith Sallmann
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